Customizing bulker prompts

By default, when you activate a crate, bulker will change your prompt. You can customize it by specifying the shell_prompt attribute in your bulker config. Make sure you enclose the value in single quotes; if you use double-quotes the parser will re-escape your prompt escape sequences and break stuff. Here are some examples:

In these examples we'll activate the crate like this:

bulker activate databio/lab

The variables that could be displayed are these:

  • namespace: databio
  • crate name: lab
  • username: nsheff
  • host: zither
  • working directory: code

Default prompt

The default bulker prompt shows you the name of the crate you've activated, colored in yellow. Bulker uses \b to indicate the name of the bulker namespace and crate. The default prompt is the equivalent of putting this in your config:

  shell_prompt: '\[\033[01;93m\]\b|\[\033[00m\]\[\033[01;34m\]\w\[\033[00m\]\$ '

Include username and hostname

In addition the bulker-provided \b, there are lots of other shell-provided variables you can use, like \u for username and \h for hostname, and \W for working directory path. You can look up lists of these by searching for customizing bash PS1 prompt. Here's a simple sample using username and hostname:

  shell_prompt: '[\u@\h(\b) \W] $ '

Change colors

You can al;so use any terminal colors compatible with your terminal.

  shell_prompt: '\u@\h|\e[94m\b\[\e[00m\]:\e[90m\W\e[39m $ '


Yes, you can even put emoji in your prompt, if that's your thing:

  shell_prompt: '⚓ \e[94m\b\[\e[00m\]:\e[90m\W\e[39m $ '


This example uses a custom date/time format along with 256-color codes:

  shell_prompt: '\D{%y/%m/%d %H:%M}⚓ \e[38;5;141m\b\[\e[00m\]:\e[38;5;29m\W\e[39m $ '